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Transdisciplinary approach has always been at the core of our DNA. Even while this approach is being contemplated at national policy level to improve the quality of education in India, over many years we have been a pioneering practitioner of it. At TCIS, we believe that teaching a child to question, think and learn are the most important factors for facilitating learning. Our inquiry-led and transdisciplinary education framework challenges learners to think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning as they explore local & global issues and opportunities in real-life contexts, which enable them in problem solving and to take
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​​Top-Notch Educators

What makes TCIS stand apart is our uncompromising obsession for superior quality educators. They are our greatest asset. Role of a teacher is to enable learning, by listening, by observing and by guiding. Passionate educators identify the strengths in each student and help them exceed their potential. Our educators are exceptional at it.

Academic Stages

Academic curriculum at TCIS follows the below 4 stages designed in line with core CBSE philosophy.

Foundational Years
(Age 3-7 years | Prep to Grade 2)

Foundational Years (age 3 to 7; up to Grade 2) is the most crucial learning phase of an individual. About 90% of a child’s cumulative brain development occurs prior to the age of 8. At TCIS, we follow a curated learning approach specifically tuned for this age group. Teaching methodology of TCIS Foundational Years
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Preparatory Years
(Age 8-10 years | Grade 3 to Grade 5)

Preparatory Years (Grade 3 to Grade 5) is built on the foundations of early years and follows an inquiry-led framework which challenges learners to critically think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning as they explore and understand concepts across language, science and social subjects in real
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Middle Years
(Age 11-13 years | Grade 6 to Grade 8)

Middle Years (Grade 6 to Grade 8) comprises three years of education, building on the knowledge, skills and attitude developed by students during their preparatory years to prepare them for the Higher Years. The curriculum focus is Multidisciplinary Concept Integration. Learning and discussion of more abstract
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Higher Years
(Age 14-17 years | Grade 9 to Grade 12)

The overarching theme of Higher Years is Career Orientation. The Middle Year learnings are further extended and scholastic specialisation is introduced. Leadership skills are promoted. Children are empowered to do innovation, research and aptitude discovery. Post-school competitive exam preparedness
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TCIS Wings

TCIS lays great importance for Higher Years. In order to have a focused approach towards academic excellence and to ingrain mindfulness in the learner about one’s talent, interest and aptitude so as to orient them towards meaningful career opportunities, TCIS has taken remarkable initiatives during Higher Years. At TCIS the entire Higher Years academic period is called TCIS Wings Program, when the child grows her wings and we teach her how to fly

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Career Orientation

A plethora of career development initiatives are an integral part of TCIS Wings Program to identify students’ aptitude, choose the most appropriate career path and hand-hold them to achieve their dream career.
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TCIS University Connect

A unique in-house program to connect TCItes with some of the most prominent Universities both in India and Abroad. It aims to give TCIS’ Higher Year students invaluable exposure to explore, understand, interact and experience the global thought leaders thereby widening their outlook. These are some of the unique initiatives of TCIS to really help make our students Tomorrow’s Leaders. TCIS has built a strong team to drive these initiatives, which will see much higher width and depth as we move forward. Under
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Academic Infrastructure

Our large format class rooms enable easy access and usage of important learning tools for Higher Years like visual projection, personalised assessments, hands-on experimentation, group discussions, team-projects, etc. The academic learning is augmented by our well stocked physical and digital library which is further enriched by our special partnership with ‘JustBooks’ which opens access to large volumes of academic supplements for career orientation and competitive examinations. STEM Tinkering
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