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Time Travel

Time travel is the hypothetical activity of traveling into the past or future. Time travel is a widely recognized concept in philosophy and fiction, particularly science fiction.

Students at TCIS built the model of Time Machine under the guidance of their STEM mentors. The model was created by using machine learning & artificial intelligence. The model was placed at the entrance of the Social Studies fair. After the inauguration of the event, chief guests, Principal and Directors of TCIS were given a virtual tour of reality with 3D experience .

Pre-Primary Annual Day

9th Dec. 2023 – ‘Imprints’ unfolded the whimsical journey of Tiddler, captivating hearts with its tale of resilience in the face of climate change. The children’s brilliant enactment left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

Investiture Ceremony

20th July, 2023 – The investiture ceremony, a beacon of honor and responsibility, kindled a profound sense of pride in our students’ hearts. It marked their inaugural stride towards shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Knowledge Village

18th/19th August, 2023 – Knowledge Village came alive as children took the stage, proudly showcasing their newfound wisdom, illuminating their parents with a glimpse of their remarkable learning journey.